For Immediate Release – August 1998

Thermal Technology shipped six high-temperature lab furnaces — two Model 1000-3060-FP20 and four Model 1000-45120-FP30. The furnaces are being used to enhance gem characteristics by thermal processing the gems before they are cut and finished.

The furnace models mentioned previously are part of Thermal Technology’s  Group 1000 high-temperature furnace line of products. The Group 1000’s are graphite heating element furnaces rated to a maximum operating temperature of 2900° C and may be operated in vacuum, inert gas or reducing atmospheres. Labmasters may also be supplied with refractory metal hot zones.

The furnaces supplied to this particular customer were fitted with alumina muffle tubes which provide a hot zone for use in oxidizing atmospheres up to 1800° C. Muffle tubes isolate the work zone and sample from the graphite heating element to protect the heating element from oxidizing atmospheres and prevent carbon contamination of the work sample.

Thermal Technology’s  furnaces may be controlled manually or by programmable controllers. Eurotherm, Honeywell or customer specified controllers can be supplied on these systems. In this case, Eurotherm programmable automatic controllers were used.

Thousands of Thermal Technology’s  furnaces are in production and research and development facilities around the world. These furnaces are available in standard and custom configurations to meet high-temperature requirements.

Thermal Technology designs and manufacturers a wide range of high-temperature systems and has built its reputation on exceptional engineering and quality manufacturing. For more information on our products, visit us on the Internet or contact us at the address and telephone number below. We will be pleased to provide information and/or a quotation to meet your specific requirements.