Thermal Technology is growing!

We have finalized our move! In order to accommodate our increased production, we relocated from our old 27000 sq. ft. facility in Santa Rosa, CA to a newer, larger, 43000 sq. ft. facility in Minden, NV. Look forward to more updates from Thermal Technology as we continue to expand and grow.

World Class Thermal Technology Press Systems

Thermal Technology has designed and delivered several large, state of the art, industrial high temperature-controlled atmosphere press systems. These large presses are available as conventional Hot Press and DCS technology, both are capable of applying up to 800 tons of accurately controlled applied force with upper and lower 24” diameter water-cooled cold rams for production of large samples.   

Both our Hot Presses and DCS technology are extremely capable for a variety of processes from sintering to diffusion bonding of large parts. These systems are designed for limited space constraints, less than 20 feet tall and can be installed at ground level or below as needed to fit any space constraints as well as loading operations.

high temperature furnace for laboratory and research applications

Thermal Technology LLC is the only USA OEM for SPS/DCS systems

We manufacture systems from 5 ton with 2,000 amp power supply up to 800 ton with 150,000 amp power supply.

Thermal Technology LLC is Leading the way in SPS/DCS Press Technology like no one else.

  • On-site Processing Facility for proven results
  • Largest North American Manufacturer with Multi-Generation equipment and technology Experience
  • World Wide Leader in Scaling from the Lab to Commercial

DCS Technology

direct current sintering furnace model
  • DCS technology enables higher throughput via the direct current sintering to achieve faster heating rates and shorter dwell time along with enabling rapid cool down cycles.
  • DCS technology is well suited for controlling grain growth in the microstructure of a finished material where uniformity across a samples cross-sectional area is critically important for strength. 
  • DCS technology eliminates the consumable hot zone components used in a Hot Press, thereby reducing maintenance costs and possible contamination from the porous insulation and heating element.
  • DCS technology provides a unique technique for the production of layered Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs).
  • DCS technology is useful for diffusion bonding of similar and dissimilar substrates applications where controlling grain size and diffusion of the grain boundaries is critical to success.

Hot Press Technology

hot press furnace model
  • Hot Press technology enables thick or taller material processing capabilities.   
  • Hot Press technology is well proven with certain applications requiring slower heat up and cooling requirements including diffusion bonding as well as supporting long dwell times.
  • Hot Press technology is well suited for those applications requiring press dies and process material that are not electrically conductive.
  • Hot Press technology allows for the equipment to be used as a conventional furnace as well as a hot press adding flexibility to what the equipment can be used for.

High-Temperature Experts

We have an impressive 70+ year history in the advanced thermal processing marketplace as a pioneer in the use of innovative advanced materials for industries such as medical, lighting and aerospace. Our systems are used in the manufacturing process of a wide range of products, including life-saving coronary stents, artificial joints, aircraft turbine blades, orthodontia, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting and analytical instrumentation. We specialize in the most extreme processing conditions with temperatures commonly over 2,000 ˚C (3,600 ˚F) and controlled environments such as vacuum, inert gas, and hydrogen atmospheres. With thousands of installations worldwide across a range of different industries, our products can be fully customized to suit your unique thermal processing needs. All of our products are designed and built in our Nevada, USA facility using only high-quality components and materials by our skilled workforce.

DCS50- Laboratory scale direct current sintering furnace for spark plasma sintering

Direct Current Sintering Furnace

As the first US OEM for Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)/Direct Current Sintering (DCS) press furnace systems, Thermal Technology LLC has advanced this rapid processing technology to its furthest possibilities…

Press furnace system

Hot Press Furnace Systems

Hot Press Furnace systems (HP) allow for the precise application of hydraulic pressing force and simultaneous high temperature operation. Typical uses for hot press include sintering of metal or…

hydrogen gas furnace from thermal technology

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum furnace systems allow for high temperature processing in fully controlled oxygen-free environments. The hot zone of the furnace is contained entirely within a sealed water-cooled vessel which allows…

Crystal Growth Furnace

Crystal Growth Furnace Systems

Thermal Technology’s crystal growth furnace systems provide the two most important parameters necessary for critical growth: stability and control. Both are necessary to achieve consistency, repeatability, and uniformity –…

custom engineered product - quench system

Custom Engineered Products

We always enjoy the challenge that is brought about with taking on custom engineered products. The process requires engineers, scientists, and individuals at the top of their industry coming…

high temperature graphite vacuum furnace

High Temperature Graphite Furnace

The High-temperature Graphite (HTG) Furnace is the most economical vacuum furnace system for processes that require high temperatures up to and above 2500°C that are not affected by a…

laboratory and research furnace

Laboratory and Research Furnaces

Thermal Technology’s very high-temperature laboratory and research furnaces are suitable for a wide variety of laboratory and small scale production applications requiring temperatures to 3000° C. They are versatile, simple to…

hydrogen gas furnace

Hydrogen Furnaces

Thermal Technology’s Hydrogen Furnaces also known as our APF Series (Advanced Processing Furnace) product line has been a core TT product for decades providing fully automatic operation. Designed for…

ARC melting furnace from thermal technology

Arc Melting Furnace

Our Arc Melting Furnace is effective for powder melting, arc casting, metallic and non-metallic buttons, compound synthesis and material densification. The ARC melting furnace features ease of operation, dependability,…

fiber drawing furnace from thermal technology

Fiber Drawing Furnace

Thermal Technology’s fiber drawing furnace is designed for operation to 2400°C with preforms up to 100 mm in diameter. It features a simplified long-life, high-purity graphite resistance element which…

OEM replacement parts available from thermal technology llc

Replacement Parts

With a Thermal Technology furnace having an average lifetime of 20+ years our customers are pleased to know that they can expect OEM replacement parts to be available for…

hot zone furnace

Hot Zones

All refractory metal hot zones are manufactured on-site in our specialized sheet metal shop. We only use the highest quality metals sourced from our vetted US and European suppliers….

Original High-Temperature Furnace System

An impressive 70+ year history of high-temperature furnace system design

Thermal Technology has helped pioneer the use of innovative advanced materials in industries such as medical, lighting and aerospace. Our systems are used in the manufacturing process of a wide range of products, including life-saving coronary stents, artificial joints, aircraft turbine blades, orthodontia, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting and analytical instrumentation, universities, top research institutions and a growing number of industrial clients in the development of innovative next-generation products.

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