Hot Zones

All refractory metal hot zones are manufactured on site in our specialized sheet metal shop using only the highest quality metals sourced from our vetted US and European suppliers.

Our graphite hot zones are machined by our qualified vendors to exacting specifications before a final quality inspection at our facility. We manufacture hot zones for our own products and can provide replacement hot zones for other manufacturer’s furnaces as well. Standard replacement hot zones can be manufactured with extremely competitive lead times to reduce downtime.


Experience and Craftsmanship coupled with High Quality Refractory Metals and Furnace Grade Graphite provides our customers with original designs and manufacturing technics offer consistent performance for each Heat Zone Design and Application.


Our longevity in High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces has given us the experience and insight to provide each of our systems with the most reliable, consistent service in the field.


Our Sales Team Members are well versed in the manufacturing of all the Heat Zone Components used in our wide range of Furnace Systems.

This knowledge continues into all the sub-system components of our furnace systems to provide a complete understanding of all the replacement parts.

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