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Thermal Technology’s Hydrogen Furnaces also known as our APF Series (Advanced Processing Furnace) product line has been a core TT product for decades providing fully automatic operation. Designed for high temperature processing of materials in wet or dry hydrogen, fully dissociated dry ammonia, inert gases or vacuum these furnaces meet the highest standards of safety in the industry. TT hydrogen furnaces utilize full refractory metal hot zones and radiation shield systems for a clean processing environment and the highest vacuum performance. Rapid heating and cooling enable high material throughput for economical processing of high end products. All systems feature side heating elements with optional top and bottom trim heaters available for excellent temperature uniformity throughout the entire hot zone.

The furnace configuration is tailored to the customer application either as a vertical or horizontal configuration. The loading can be either be front, top or bottom loading, with the most common being a bell-jar style where the material being processed is stationary during loading and unloading when the furnace chamber is raised to an open position for access. Options such as high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum, wet or dry hydrogen, and rapid cooling systems are easily accommodated. The APF Series systems are designed to the highest quality with safety and long service lifetime in mind. 

Hydrogen Furnace (APF) Standard Design Features

  • Round or Square Hot Zones
  • All Stainless Steel Chambers
  • Stainless Steel Gas Plumbing
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Automatic Data Logging
  • High Quality Refractory Metals
  • Rapid Vacuum Pump-down
  • PLC and Touchscreen HMIs
  • Overtemperature Control
  • Monitored Water Circuits

Hot Zone Materials

Element TypeRadiation ShieldsMaximum Temperature
Tungsten WeaveTungsten3,000°C
Tungsten MeshTungsten & Molybdenum2,500°C

Common Sizes and Configurations

Loading typeWorking Zone mm (Inch)Work Load Kg (Lbs)
FrontL 300 x W 300 x H 300 (12x12x12)68 (150)
FrontL 600 x W 300 x H 300 (24x12x12)136 (300)
FrontL 800 x W 400 x H 400 (32x16x16)318 (700)
Bell Jar or BottomØ 150 x H 300 (Ø6×12)18 (40)
Bell Jar or BottomØ 200 x H 400 (Ø8×16)34 (75)
Bell Jar or BottomØ 300 x H 600 (Ø12×24)68 (150)
Bell Jar or BottomØ 600 x H 1200 (Ø24×48)680 (1,500)
Bell Jar or BottomØ 900 x H 1200 (Ø36×48)680 (1,500)

Example Models

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