Early this month Thermal Technology delivered a laboratory furnace to Feng Chia University in Taichung, Taiwan ROC. The Material Science department will use the furnace to support research in carbon fibers. Researchers at the University selected the model 1000-2560-FP20 graphite hot zone furnace rated for 2900°C in helium atmospheres. The researchers selected the Thermal Technology furnace because of the high temperature rating and because it offered a great deal of flexibility for future addition of auxiliary equipment and modifications.

Thermal Technology’s lab furnace has the flexibility to change with the changing needs of the university. The furnace can be fitted with any of the following accessories in the field at a later date:

  • Larger Hot Zone (up to 4.5″ ID x 6″ long)
  • Aluminum Oxide Muffle Tube for Processing in Oxidizing Atmospheres
  • Combustible Gas Controller and Safety System Gas Purification System
  • High Vacuum System (Diffusion, Turbo, Cryogenic, and Ion Pumps)
  • Hearth Elevator
  • Quench & Cooling Chamber
  • Work Support Tray Data/Process Recorder

Thermal Technology’s 1000-2560 laboratory furnace has a graphite heating element measuring 2.44″ ID by 12″ high that provides a useful work volume measuring 2.0″ diameter by 6″ long. The furnace system is configured with an Eurotherm model 914D two-channel controller, a thermocouple, a thermocouple retractor, an Ircon optical pyrometer, an inert gas control accessory and a mechanical vacuum purge pump. One input channel of the Eurotherm controller is configured for a thermocouple and the other channel is configured for a dual wavelength optical pyrometer. The thermocouple is the control sensor for temperatures up to 2000°C and the optical pyrometer covers the 1500°-2900°C temperature range. When the furnace is operated at temperatures above 2000°C, the thermocouple is automatically retracted at a user-programmed temperature and the controller switches to the optical pyrometer as the control sensor.

For more information about Thermal Technology’s complete line of furnaces, contact the sales office listed below.