For Immediate Release – September 1999

Thermal Technology recently installed a new chemical vapor deposition furnace system at the Eimac Division of Communications & Power Industries, Inc. (CPI-Eimac) in Palo Alto, California. CPI-Eimac is a world leader in the development and manufacture of vacuum electron devices for use in broadcast, communications, industrial, medical, scientific and defense markets. CPI will use the new Thermal Technology furnace for their carbon based CVD applications.

The custom designed furnace, Model 1200-1836G has an 18″ diameter by 36″ high graphite heating element. The heating element accommodates a customer supplied, proprietary retort. The furnace is rated for operation to temperatures in excess of 2200°C in up to 2 psig of process gas. A high vacuum pumping system is supplied for pre-processing evacuation of the furnace chamber to a vacuum level of 1 x 10-6 torr.

The furnace system decking is designed to facilitate access to the interior of the processing chamber for routine maintenance and inspection of the hot zone and related components. This feature also provides easy access to the work zone for loading and unloading of work pieces. Other custom features were incorporated to ensure successful integration of the new equipment with their process and existing facilities.

chemical vapor deposition furnace system