For Immediate Release – October 1997

Thermal Technology recently shipped a large Model CPF-4060 ceramic processing furnace (CPF) to Candescent Technologies Corporation of San Jose, California. Thermal Technology welcomed the engineering challenge to meet the unique requirements of Candescent Technologies high temperature process. Candescent Technologies has a process that requires sintering and debinding in production of components for high definition flat display screens. To meet its customer’s needs Thermal Technology integrated many new features into its basic CPF system that has been successfully used around the world for decades.

The Model CPF-4060 automatic processing furnace system provides fully automatic, unattended cofiring of metallized ceramic products consistently, and dependably. It is designed for continuous operation up to 1750°C in wet or dry hydrogen, inert gas, and any other reducing atmosphere. This system is a coldwall, periodic furnace utilizing the bell-loading configuration. A containment vessel (retort) encloses the 28″ diameter by 36″ high work zone and gas injection tubes allow for controlled atmosphere distribution throughout the work zone. A condensation trapping system collects moisture and binder from the exhaust gases.

A work support array system was designed with thermal and structural consideration to insure optimum service life and thermal consistency in the process. The support array itself has multiple shelves and is moved in and out of the furnace with a transfer cart. The array can be rotated 180°, in between runs, periodically to eliminate sagging of the shelves.
The main heating element is fabricated from tungsten mesh with approximately 6000 square inches of radiating surface area facing the work. Independently regulated upper and lower trim heaters fabricated from formed molybdenum stock are installed at each end of the work zone.

The furnace is controlled by a workstation that provides the latest developments in accuracy, reliability and convenience. The precise power control to the hot zone and the design of the retort, gas injection tubes and heater geometry, insure excellent temperature uniformity and fast thermal response.

This system is one of a wide range of high temperature systems Thermal Technology designs and builds. Thermal Technology has a reputation for well designed, quality built systems with long trouble-free long lives.