MERRIMACK, New Hampshire, November 19, 2012 — GT Advanced Technologies, a leading manufacturer of vacuum and high temperature furnace systems, recently manufactured and shipped a 10-ton force capacity hot press to a prominent domestic research university. The hot press furnace system will be utilized for pressing and sintering ceramics. This bell-jar style hot press offers 360° exposure to the punch and die. It also features a cylindrical graphite hot zone rated to 2000°C, and operates in an inert gas, high vacuum environment.

“Our unique four-column load frame provides highly accurate force control and reliable operation,” says Matt Mede, GT general manager. “The HP20 is a versatile system providing the customer with robust processing capabilities enabling new technological possibilities. This high force system offers precision control and repeatable performance.”

GT’s Model HP20 provides a 4-inch diameter work area with a convenient bell-jar raising configuration, permitting direct and unrestricted access to the work area. This system offers precision force control and displacement measurement with accuracy of better than 0.5% of reading. GT links the HP20’s Eurotherm 2704 controller and advanced software with a high speed force and motion regulator. This provides automatic turn-key batch control and data acquisition.

GT’s hot press systems are designed for the simultaneous application of high temperature and high force levels. Primary applications include densification of powdered materials, diffusion bonding of solid components and processing of fibrous composites.

GT is a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of hot pressing and advanced thermal processing technologies. GT produces a wide range of high temperature furnaces with over 3000 installations in 40 countries. They offer decades of technical innovation, process knowledge, full-factory testing, installation assistance and aftermarket support.

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GT Advanced Technologies Inc. is a diversified technology company. They provides innovative crystal growth equipment and solutions for the global solar, LED and electronics industries. Our products accelerate the adoption of new advanced materials that improve performance and lower the cost of manufacturing. For additional information about GT Advanced Technologies, please visit

Graphite hot press furnace
GT’s Graphite Hot Press, Model HP20-4560
with a 10-ton pressing capacity and 360° access to the work space