SANTA ROSA, Calif., January 9, 2019 – Thermal Technology has shipped a 3000˚C graphite lab furnace to a company developing next generation carbon based materials. The process requirements needed long sustained process runs lasting hours/days at 3000˚C to which TT’s Model 668G was able to meet.

This furnace has a process envelope of 6-inches wide by 6-inches high and 8-inches deep. We tightly pack the 668G, so it can fit in small labs and other areas with space constraints. With the control system and loading of the furnace on the same plane from the front this will please the most advanced user to the novice alike. Front loading verses traditional top loading style lab furnaces allows for easier access for persons of different heights and removes the typical error of top load loading which can lead to dropping parts in the bottom of the furnace making them difficult to retrieve.     

This is just one model lab furnace of dozens that Thermal Technology has to offer. See what we can do for you!

Graphite Laboratory Furnace
Graphite Lab Furnace Model 668G