For Immediate Release – February 1999

The Thermal Technology recently designed a new generation of horizontal, front loading, graphite resistance heated furnaces for multi-purpose applications. These furnaces are high temperature (1000ºC to 2500ºC), high vacuum and/or controlled atmosphere with uses ranging from research and development to small production process runs.

Many companies within the thermal processing community have recently taken the approach of not outsourcing their heat treat, brazing, annealing and sintering needs. These companies now elect to take full control of their process and product quality by being able to schedule and prioritize the availability of their furnace. They are also able to have direct control over contaminants and impurities within their heat zone.

Many of our customers have adopted cell management techniques which achieve faster response with smaller production loads of “in-house” orders. This shortens their delivery schedule and allows them to be more flexible to their clients’ needs. To help our customers accomplish these goals, Thermal Technology offers standard furnaces with a one or two cubic foot useable work volume that require a minimum amount of floor space. Standard optional features include high vacuum, hydrogen, inert gas, recirculating gas cooling, computer control and binder removal systems.

• Model 121212G – one cubic foot useable work volume

• Model 121224G – two cubic foot useable work volume.

These smaller furnace systems typically have a shorter cycle run time compared to larger furnaces since the time to heat-up the product to equilibrium and the cooling time have both been reduced. A unique feature provided on these furnaces is a “sculptured” graphite heating element that is machined to improve temperature uniformity within the work volume for critical applications.