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Replacement Hot Zones

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  Thermal Technology hot zones are made with the highest quality materials for extended zone life.   Benefit from our 60 years of experience designing and constructing quality hot zones. Replacement zones can be made to fit other manufacturers' furnaces.   


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RKGraphite Production Furnacer 250 RK Hot Zone225 RK Graphite HOt Zone225  


  • Quality Elements
  • Unsurpassed Construction
  • Short Lead Times


  • Longer Life
  • Temperature Uniformity
  • Modular Design
  OEM Parts

We offer a full complement of OEM parts constructed only from the highest quality materials.  

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BreWeave Elements 

OEM1 150
Mesh cylindrical elements 

OEM2 150          
Graphite Heating Elements             



  • Sheet, Rod, Mesh and Weave Elements
  • Flat Panel and Cylindrical Heaters
  • All Replacement Parts

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