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We have been providing solutions for advanced thermal processing since 1946. As a pioneer in the LED-sapphire and vacuum industries, we have served the lighting, renewable energy, electronics, aerospace, communications, health care, and research and development industries utilizing material applications of metals, ceramics, glass, nanopowders, crystals, and emerging material. We carry a wide variety of vacuum furnaces, hot zone parts, OEM parts and much more. Please take a look throughout our website to learn more about what we can offer as well as our laboratory furnace, production furnace, hot press system, spark plasma sintering (SPS) and direct current sintering (DCS), graphite hot zone & OEM parts, ARC melting furnace, and fiber drawing furnace products.

161632WM Furnace System

161632WM Furnace System

Thermal Technology has one 161632WM furnace available for immediate sale!

Special pricing due to project cancellation; contact us for details
In stock, ready to ship - First come, first served

  • 16” x 16” x 32” refractory metal (tungsten) work zone
  • 2200˚C operation
  • Uniformly heated zone; 6-sided heating
  • Hi-vacuum diffusion pump
  • Inert gas partial pressure capability
  • Inert gas; optional H2 available
  • Front and Rear Load

The unit is assembled, on-site at Thermal Technology. Available for inspection and immediate delivery.

New To Market - DCS 200 Series
  • DCS 200 Series designed for industrial R&D and production applications:
    • Full density
    • Controllable porosity
    • Advanced mixed material recipes
    • Functionally graded materials
    • Diffusion bonding
  • 250 Metric Tons maximum force and 40,000A of heating power.
  • Maximum operational temperature: 2400C (dependent on material and tool design).
  • Part sizes from 4-12” (10-30cm) diameter.
  • Mechanical vacuum with inert gas.
  • Optional hydrogen gas environment for oxygen sensitive materials.
  • Available soon for:
    • Proof of concept testing
    • Operational cost analysis
    • Limited toll processing runs

The DCS-200 series furnace was designed from the ground up using state of the art components to achieve a versatile and powerful system in a compact package. Easily configured for a range of applications including diffusion bonding, traditional sintering and hydrogen operation for the processing of high purity metals and oxygen sensitive materials. Floor standing design allows for easy material handling and installation into existing sites without the need for extensive renovation.

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Thermal Technology, LLC is a diversified technology company with innovative equipment and solutions for the global market.  Our decades of scientific expertise in advanced thermal processing includes high temperature laboratory and production equipment, hot presses and spark plasma sintering systems.